Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ICELAND TOUR 2014: Final pictures

Hi All. So last week i finished selecting and editing al my iceland photo's. Quite alot, but i think this selection covers our trip quite nicely. Check the results!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Iceland tour 2014: Day 4 Skaftafell, Glacier walking, Geopark and tel sell 03-07-2014

Oohw Yeah, today we are going to explore a very big big biggg glacier and we discovered some weird looking lavafields. We had to drive about 1hour from our Hotel to Skaftafel, where our glacier hike began arround 8:30. We hiked/climb our way up to make some sweet photo's and video's. In total it took us about 6 hours, without any rest or so, so quite in for some lunch when we got back :) In the afternoon we had no plans, but a long drive was ahead of us to Vik. Our dinner was to be expected in one of the many villages on our path, but most of them consisted of N1 fastood or reallly overpriced restaurants, so we kept our strength and drove all the way to our hotel in Vik as all the supermarkets were closed as well (after 17:00/18:00). So lucky our hotel was big enough to have its own restaurent :) On the way we discovered some cool vantage points for making pics, and lavafieds covered in a thick layer of moss. Check the road map and the VLOG below: 


Monday, August 4, 2014

ICELAND TOUR 2014: Day 3, Bakkagerdi, Offroading, bird spotting, Hofn 02-07-2014

Hi All. Here we have our day 3 of the ICELAND tour 2014. We drive all the way from Egilstadir to Hofn and go on some heavy 4x4 offroading stuff. Great coastal routes on the way, trully a magical ride. So happy that the restaurants close at 22:00, as 400km of driving and 3 hours of exploring really makes you hundry haha. The pictures and pro video we took look sooo amazing. Oohw, yes, Hotel Glacier really stands out for its name: cold :D

Check out the VLOG:

Check out the MAP: