Friday, June 24, 2011


Next week is our last show of Season 02. We made a special promo this friday:
Enjoy! and see you next week!

ps: show of last wednesday will be uploaded monday

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shows this evening

Join Walt en Me tonight at 20:00 CEST (The Netherlands) as we host the 15th show of Ultimate80s Live on Uradio.
The final show will be next week, so take a listen to what we have to say!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ultimate80s - RARE 80s pack Download

So, let's say you want to have an 80s party, but get to tired from those standard 80s songs. What are you gonna do?? Are you calling the Ghostbusters with Ray Parker for a live show? That would be too cool ha! But ofcourse you can start here with this great first 80s pack. Not a big package, but definitely tunes that get your 80s party going rock solid! Also, these tunes can be used in short movies (more my kinda styl)

Some people say the 80s is the timezone without real good music, well guess again, because there is. The 80s brought alot of new genres into the game, which are the foundations of todays Electronic pop music, very popular in Europe. So, "80s is back" you hear people say. Even more music artists are looking back to those forgotten 80s tracks to get some ideas or samples for a new mega hit. I can tell you, they search very deep into the more forgotten 80s tracks, possible 80s bands with a "One-Day-Fly" song recorded on one album which slightly made it through or till this day is resting on the shelf of an old studio waiting to get some airtime. The key in 80s music is to balance it with all the best genres 80s can give you. With that concept in mind, we have here six songs in the first pack. Untill you download and listen to it yourself, it will be a surprise, but i can tell you. You want them!
You can possible find some of their work on ebay (Vinyl, Cassette, CD), so if you really like them, get some! Its great to have your favourite tunes in your real physical collection with nice covers!

If you like this pack, leave a comment or suggestion about which styl you want to have in a second pack!

Download (Click on the picture!):

Ultimate80s S2E14 download

Hi All, back again with the show of last wednesday. Great show for all 80s fan. Besides that, we have a special RARe80s pack for download (see other post). First, back to the show.

This show has something from every genre. Pop with Roxette, David Austin and Glenn Frey, New Wave/New Romantic with Uncanny X-men and Those French Girl. More to the dark ages with Secession, going opposite to the rhythmic Dance with The Pasadena. A great Love balled from The Lovers Speak, and ofcourse our own Dutch guys from Golden Earing and Bolland and Bolland!

01 Roxette - Dance Away
02 David Austin - Turn To Gold
03 Uncanny X-Men - Everybody Wants to Work
04 Those French Girls - Punching Windows
05 The Pasadena - A Little Love
06 Golden Earring - Weekend Love
07 Glenn Frey - The Heat Is On
08 The Lover Speaks - No more 'I love you's'
09 Secession - The Magician
11 Natural Scientist - See Through You
12 Bolland and Boland - Feels So Good

We're getting more crazy every show. All for a good reason! A great 80s show!!
Hope you like it!! Enjoy!

The Download:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rare 80s song pack comming up!

This week I will be placing a Rare 80s song pack I combined myself on the blog for download! Songs you probably cannot find anywhere else and some that are used during the show. Also, if you want to extend your collection even further, Rambul has also some great lost 80s packs:

See you!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Ultimate80s Download E12+E13 and Video

Wowowow, long time no see eh? So busy with so much stuff and no time to post the shows. Anyway, here you have the latest two shows. The first one is Walt's special LP show. Only 12 inch and 7 inch vinyls here. The second is Dr. Nash Movie Special show. Only original soundtrack songs from 80s movies. Besides that, we filmed the Special LP edition show, and some video outtakes can be found on youtube (see below)

Show 12: Walt's Special LP edition (01-06-2011)
Show 13: Dr. Nash Special Movie episode (08-06-2011)

Youtube video:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This wednesday evening, Special LP edition

Heey All

Join us this wednesday evening for a special LP edition of Ultimate80s radio.
On Uradio at 20:00 CEST


The Team