Friday, September 24, 2010

NEW ALBUM OUT NOW! Ultimate80s Best of season one collectors edition (2010)

It is here, the new album: Ultimate80s Best Of Season One by Ultimatebart and Dr. Nash, the collectors edition 2010. This two cd album including covers and booklet features some of the greatest hits played on the Ultimate80s radio show on Uradio. Including Target practice (Belouise Some) from the hit movie Maltese Flamingo, Fiction Factory, Captain Sensible, Scotch, Roachford and many others. Besides that you will here dialogs, intro's and info from your two radio dj's during the shows. (see tracklist below)

A great album if you like 80s, if you want to have our favourite songs and dialogs and for those who are new to the show, because this album will give you exactly what the radio show is all about. It is also a great kick-start for a next season of Ultimate80s radio!

--This is an updated version, fixed some minor typo's, nothing to worry about though--

Let us know what you think! Enjoy and have a nice weekend!




1. Intro by the guys
2. Kool & The Gang - Take Me To The Top (show 2)
3. Belouise Some - Target Practice (bonus show 12)
4. 80s not always about rock
5. Captain Sensible - Wot! (show 7)
6. Benjamin Orr - When You’re Gone (show 5)
7. New Kids On The Block - The Right Stuff (show 16)
(with info from Dr. Nash)
8. Scritti Politti - Philosophy Now (show 2)
9. Living In A Box - living In A Box (show 8)
10. Dr. Nash introduces Trans-X
11. Trans-X - Living On Video (show 14)
12. Ultimate80s id Alternate
13. ABC - Vanity kills (show 1)
14. [bonus] Wrong theme show intro

1. Boy Meets Girl - Waiting For A Star To Fall
(From the love episode)
2. Dr. Nash & Ultimate Bart About Arnold
3. Information Society - What’s On Your Mind (show 4)
4. Scotch - Loving Is Easy Introduced by
Ultimatebart & Dr. Nash (show 16)
5. Fiction Factory - Lose Your Heart In Nature (show 2)
6. Ultimate80s ID - Wrong80s
7. Ultimatebart introduces Robert Sacchi
8. Robert Sacchi - Jungle Queen (from the wrong
80s theme show)
9. Picnic At The WhiteHouse - We Need Protection
(bonus show 12)
10. Roxette - Soul Deep with intro (show 16)
11. George Duke - Reach out (show 10)
12. Dr. Nash & Ultimatebart introduce the last song
13. Roachford - Cuddly Toy (show 15)
14. [Bonus] Arnold’s fitnes class - 867-5309
15. [bonus] 80s lovetune instrumental remix

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pssss - Sneak peak Best of Ultimate 80s album

Heey Guys

Yes it's true. There is a "best of" ultimate80s album upcomming. Not just a compilation, but much more including our own covers, booklet etc. If you hear it than you have a very good overview of all the Ultimate80s radio shows.

Stay Tuned!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kick In 2010

Hi All

So the introduction is over and we've got all the shots we need to create something cool! The weather had some downfalls unfortunatly, which resulted in not to much people outside, but luckely some events were happening in the shining sun. Events included the beginning of the intro with the info market and openingsshow, the caravan by tracktor going to the city, teambuildingactivities, the "bestorming van de bastille", worldrecord attemt for hoelahoepen and our workshop ofcourse!

The basic idea was to create a movie during the workshop. Due to time restriction of one hour we "premade" a movie, but left certain scenes out. These scenes had to be filled by the workshop people. After all the shots were made in our primitive living and bedroom, the Flashcard was giving to the final editor (me). The movie had to be ready in 15min! because the group was enjoying a tour in our studio.