Friday, April 29, 2011

Intermezzo Show download

So, we had an "intermezzo" show last week. We played some nice 80s mixes which you cannot miss. In the meantime we managed to get a working video system with 2 (possible 3) camera's for the live video stream up and running, together with a new Sound FX's pc. One camera (80s camera, big shoulder cam) was broken, so we took it apart and Walt tries to fix it haha.

So, what are the new idea's for the second part of season 02. Actually, because we really really want to focus more on 80s music stuff, we close the "80s object" and "80s news". Actually, when there is some reall new 80s news available, we will tell you anyway ;)

We try to create more pro SoundFx's and more nice jingles which give just a nice feeling to the show. Focusing most of the time on the music and the artist behind it, is allready great stuff no? Stories will form this way, and we get some more volume out of the show.

Check the show with great 80s mixes here:

The Team

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ultimate80s Show wednesday

Heey All,

This wednesday we're going to discuss the design of all the new shows the second period of season 2. We will be playing some nice 80s music on Wedesday 20:00 CEST. So That is at GMT+2, but it will be more of a rotation of music, with sometimes an intervention by us.

The Team,

Sunday, April 24, 2011

FOPLONCU promo video

So, my friend Yhorik (from the HKU Interactive design faculty) asked me to create a promotional video for their new project. An interactive arcade system, where four players can battle against each other with drinks as credit. Together with Onno, they made the first prototype.

We shot this video om monday 18th in about 3 hours time. I had this short story in mind, where both the idea and system where in attention. Its only a prototype, so the idea is very important, and ofcourse the playability in this stage is well.

I've never been to the HKU interaction design faculty, so the first hour involved more in scouting the surrounding and trying to fit it with the story. See where we had nice lightning and space to film.For this video there was no budget, but i could manage to get my hands on a Flycam, which was quite difficult to balance, but i think it improved alot in this video.
With the nice music of Eric Chase, we have here the promotional video:

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ultimate80s S2E8 Download Laid Back show

Hi Guys
So we had a show full of 80s rare songs, stuff you've probably never seen before. Enjoy this show, which only UltimateBart talks you through the music. No fancy extra stuff this time, just great music, a special selection from your favourite DJ

Download show here:

Comming up

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Laid back show tonight

Okey guys. So, i think we as a team need to build a new strategy, a new story, a new second part of ultimate80s season 2. Besides the fact that the more popular 80s songs that are present in the shows of season2 (which are available in stores and if you like them you should buy it:) ) inhibits further distribution of shows.
Tonight i will play Ultimate80s Dj and i'm picking some extreme 80s stuff out of the box. So, relaxed and listen. No weird talking this time


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No Show Today..

Today there is no show.

I am very very very busy with multiple projects at the University and Abroad. There will be no show tonight. On of the more cultural projects i am working on in the evenings is creating this:

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Show 7 Download and Tracklist

Hi all. So here is Show 7, a show dedicated to 80s ballads. Re-uploaded!

(click on the picture to download)


Friday, April 8, 2011

Rock A La Media Noche : 1 year anniversary show Tonight

Tonite's "ROCK a la 1/2 noche" conmemorates 1 year on the air and will be a special broadcast. It will be bi-lingual and there will be prizes for correctly answering some audio trivias. 11P US Central time;

For Europe it starts on Saturday at 6:00 AM CEST

Be there

Check the announcement:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Show 7 this evening

Ready for some 80s Pop and Rock Ballads?

Hope to see you on Uradio @ 20:00!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ultimate80s Show 6 download and tracklist

Hi all. Wow, massif funky disco groove beats last wednesday. It was crazy, and it still is. I mean, this is what 80s are all about. Uplifting beats so that you can smile!

01 - Kool & The Gang - Tonight
02 - Melba Moore -Love's Comin' At Ya
03 - Boney M - Young, Free And Single
04 - Frank Stallone - Far From Over
05 - Band Of Jocks - Let's All Dance (Italian Version)
06 - Elizabeth Daily - Shake It Up
07 - Divine - Shoot Your Shot
08 - Five Star - System Addict
09 - Positive Force - We Got The Funk (Ultimate80s Got the Funk yeahh!)
10 - Shalamar - Friends
11 - Taffy - Once More

You see? We got some great music in here, men what a tracklist. If you like the more 80s funky disco, soulfully synthpop 80s. This is the show for you. Walt has some nice things about the CD as well (we considered Walt as the 80s object first, but that plan flew away haha). Enjoy this show.

The download:

The Player:
-comming up