Friday, May 18, 2012

New website posts

Hi All, some new posts on the website!!

DHC Drienerlo & TC Ludica gala photoshoot HERE

Pisa 2012 photo's HERE

Zurich 2011 photo's HERE

Master Assignment promo video HERE

See ya!! Ciao. Bart

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TC Ludica Heren II Sunday EPIC stuff Final

Promotional video for tennis competition team: TC Ludica Heren II on sunday! With Bart (ArtmediaDisco), Erik, Jerom, Remon and Sander
As from april 9th every weekend a new Video-Log from our team on this channel! So Subscribe!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New promotional video comming up!!

Hi everyone.

A new promotional video is comming up for our Tennis competition team 2012. The first videos were taken on a tuesday evening, march 6th at BiedMeer office (Hengelo, The Netherlands). Second day of shooting on sunday evening 18th (at T.C Ludica) and the third on monday 19th. I still need to film two scenes, but will finish it before our team presentation on tuesday 27th. I will keep you updated!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Enschede Timelapse

Its 2012 and it is time for a timelapse, or at least MRTN and i though so. Enschede (The Netherlands) has its famous singel surrounding the inner city with beatitful houses, monumental buildings and other cool stuf.

Take a citroen 2CV convertable with the top down and mount a tripod steady on the place where the back seat used to be. Secure the camera, with multiple layers of protection against the elements and of you go! One lap will take as much as 20 minutes, but ofcourse we have our reputation to hold so get on with some disco house music and speed it up to three minutes! Enjoy

The first lap, shot with a slow shutterspeed (1/12th), 25fps, time remapped in After Effects

The second lap, shot with a normal shutterspeed (1/50th), 25fps, time remapped in After Effects

DACS - Connect and Drive Project 2011

DACS research chair has been involved in a big Government funded project called: Connect and Drive.The future in car driving: letting cars communicatie with each other so that traffic flow and throughput on the highways can be increased as well as saefty of the driver. Letting cars communicatie comes down to Cooperative Adaptive Cruise control. The Demo of The Connect And Drive 01 Demo took place at RDW test track Lelystad from 16-03-2011 till 18-03-2011 with final demo at 18th.

In order to get everything "on tape", they asked me to document everything in these three days. We ended up with three video's: The first is a general promo video about the Connect and Drive demo 2011. The second is a special DACS related video. the involvement of the DACS group in the Connect and Drive project. The Third is some extra footage about the demo.

Gear: Sony Z1e camera HDV+wideangle adaptor + Rode NTG1 mic. Manfrotto tripod and ballhead adaptor. Flolight LED panel. Filmcar: Chrysler grand Voyager [Thanks to Martijn van Eenennaam]

All photo's of that day can be found in the photosection of Connect and Drive HERE

First video: General promo Connect and Drive 01 DEMO

Second video: DACS involvement in Connect and Drive

Third video: Connect and Drive Extra footage DEMO 2011

Blog update

Hi Everyone

As part of integrating the blog in my main website, the style has been changed abit. From now on, the blog will be updated regularly

See you later!!