Friday, April 1, 2011

Ultimate80s Show 6 download and tracklist

Hi all. Wow, massif funky disco groove beats last wednesday. It was crazy, and it still is. I mean, this is what 80s are all about. Uplifting beats so that you can smile!

01 - Kool & The Gang - Tonight
02 - Melba Moore -Love's Comin' At Ya
03 - Boney M - Young, Free And Single
04 - Frank Stallone - Far From Over
05 - Band Of Jocks - Let's All Dance (Italian Version)
06 - Elizabeth Daily - Shake It Up
07 - Divine - Shoot Your Shot
08 - Five Star - System Addict
09 - Positive Force - We Got The Funk (Ultimate80s Got the Funk yeahh!)
10 - Shalamar - Friends
11 - Taffy - Once More

You see? We got some great music in here, men what a tracklist. If you like the more 80s funky disco, soulfully synthpop 80s. This is the show for you. Walt has some nice things about the CD as well (we considered Walt as the 80s object first, but that plan flew away haha). Enjoy this show.

The download:

The Player:
-comming up

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