Sunday, April 24, 2011

FOPLONCU promo video

So, my friend Yhorik (from the HKU Interactive design faculty) asked me to create a promotional video for their new project. An interactive arcade system, where four players can battle against each other with drinks as credit. Together with Onno, they made the first prototype.

We shot this video om monday 18th in about 3 hours time. I had this short story in mind, where both the idea and system where in attention. Its only a prototype, so the idea is very important, and ofcourse the playability in this stage is well.

I've never been to the HKU interaction design faculty, so the first hour involved more in scouting the surrounding and trying to fit it with the story. See where we had nice lightning and space to film.For this video there was no budget, but i could manage to get my hands on a Flycam, which was quite difficult to balance, but i think it improved alot in this video.
With the nice music of Eric Chase, we have here the promotional video:

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