Friday, June 17, 2011

Ultimate80s S2E14 download

Hi All, back again with the show of last wednesday. Great show for all 80s fan. Besides that, we have a special RARe80s pack for download (see other post). First, back to the show.

This show has something from every genre. Pop with Roxette, David Austin and Glenn Frey, New Wave/New Romantic with Uncanny X-men and Those French Girl. More to the dark ages with Secession, going opposite to the rhythmic Dance with The Pasadena. A great Love balled from The Lovers Speak, and ofcourse our own Dutch guys from Golden Earing and Bolland and Bolland!

01 Roxette - Dance Away
02 David Austin - Turn To Gold
03 Uncanny X-Men - Everybody Wants to Work
04 Those French Girls - Punching Windows
05 The Pasadena - A Little Love
06 Golden Earring - Weekend Love
07 Glenn Frey - The Heat Is On
08 The Lover Speaks - No more 'I love you's'
09 Secession - The Magician
11 Natural Scientist - See Through You
12 Bolland and Boland - Feels So Good

We're getting more crazy every show. All for a good reason! A great 80s show!!
Hope you like it!! Enjoy!

The Download:

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