Friday, June 10, 2011

Ultimate80s Download E12+E13 and Video

Wowowow, long time no see eh? So busy with so much stuff and no time to post the shows. Anyway, here you have the latest two shows. The first one is Walt's special LP show. Only 12 inch and 7 inch vinyls here. The second is Dr. Nash Movie Special show. Only original soundtrack songs from 80s movies. Besides that, we filmed the Special LP edition show, and some video outtakes can be found on youtube (see below)

Show 12: Walt's Special LP edition (01-06-2011)
Show 13: Dr. Nash Special Movie episode (08-06-2011)

Youtube video:

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  1. Nice to see you in video Guys, I envy you great studio, great equipment, It's good to see the turntables and vilnyls, I really enjoy the shows, now I know how you made it! go ahead guys with the best music, Cheers!