Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ultimate80s Show 09 [New layout], Download+tracklist!!!!

Heey Guys. So after an intermezzo show we present you the new layout. No more weird 80s objects or headline news but something even better! We now focus on the music, artists and background info even more. Together with SFX and a working video system we enrich the 80s feeling like crazy!

Wow, what a cool show last wednesday. I mean, we were all having a great time telling you more about the artists and the music, and ofcourse some fantastic RARE 80s music on the tracklist. Check this out:

01 Bricklin - All I know
02 Cellarful of Noise - I'd Walk That Line
03 The Romantics - Got Me Everywhere You Want Me
04 The Elektrics - Boardwalk Beauty
05 The Sports - Lucky Shop
06 BB Gabor - Girls Of The Future
07 Fiction Factory - Standing At The Top Of
08 The Producers - Breakaway
09 David Hasselhoff - All The Right Moves
10 Little Heroes - Watch The World
11 Oxo - In The Stars
12 Scarlet Fantastic - No Memory (No Technology)

Don't be scared if you don't know some of the songs, we only give you the best of the best in extreme 80s!!
Enjoy the show, download here:

We were also live on television, UTV channel in Enschede. We try to fix it for the live internet video stream as well! We've got three cameras up and running now!

ps: there are some clues in this post and show for a future mega 80s episode


  1. Great show Guys i like your Stuff, great songs great memories, go ahead boys.

  2. Hi Mario. Thank you so much for your comment!
    Great to see you! Enjoy upcomming shows!