Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ultimate80s S2E10 online!!

Here is show number 10!!

01 Waterfront - Nature Of Love
02 Heaven 17 - The Way It Is
03 Satellite Spies - Destiny In Motion
04 Style - Closer Than That
05 Box of Toys - Precious Is The Pearl (12'' Version)
06 Comsat Angels - You Move Me
07 Sade - Smooth Operator (Extended Mix)
08 This Island Earth - Pearl Of Love
09 Village People - 5' O Clock In The Morning
10 Gary Myrick & the Figures - Romance

Download here:

So you probably figure out what kind of EPIC final show we are going to prepare for you? hehe ;)

The Team


  1. I really liked the Satellite Spies song. The Sade song sounds more like a re-recording than an extended mix. Gary Myrick I only know for the "She talks in stereo" song. In all, good show.

  2. Thanks Oliverio! Great :)
    I really like Satellite Spies as well, great song. But from Waterfront is even better, perhaps a video clip worth making :)

  3. Oh how good to hear this music!!!

  4. Yes! I totally agree :)
    Thanks for the comment!