Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First show: tracklist + puzzle

Hi all. First show is done! What a start. Here is the tracklist:

  1. ABC - Vanity kills (US mix)
  2. Bolland Bolland - Hollywood kids (less than zero)
  3. The Producers - What she does to me
  4. Belouise some - Imagination (dance mix)
  5. Dolphin Brothers - Second Sight
  6. Level 42 - The sun goes down
  7. The Parachut club - At the feet of the moon
  8. Band of Jocks - Let's al dance (italian single)
  9. Q-feel - Dancing to heaven (Extended)
  10. Joe Cocker - Two wrongs
  11. Colonal Abrams vs Madonna - Trapped on a Holiday
This show will be ready for download any time soon!!!

The winner who knows the puzzle gains forever credit and will unlock a nice surprise for everyone to enjoy!!

Until then, good luck!

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