Sunday, September 7, 2014

ICELAND tour PART5 Dyrholaey, Vik carwash, Reykjavik 04-07-2014

Day 5, time is passing by quickly, and so were we. Allready heading to VIK for some awesome black beach shore action. Men, those rocks are pritty awesome i can tell you that. We were there like way before any tourist (yes, as of this location, tourist population increases as its better accessable by busses). We were out on 4th of july like 6am, had a quick breakfast at 6:50 or so and went straight to the Dyrholaey, a nature reserve island/region sort a say. You can go way up by car on the top hill so that you can walk al the way over the big rocks bridging over the water. There is lighthouse tower there as well. From there you can see the beautifull shoreline on the right, but also the left side with the crazy Troll rocks (the pointy rocks in the distance near Vik). We decided to walk al the way down towards the left black shore to take more photo's and video :)
After some good fun near the water, it was time to go to direction Reykjavik. But not before washing our car, which was dirty after the 4x4 stuff to Klifbrekkufossar. In Vik we bought al the food possible to take with us, and we continued towards Seljalandsfoss. Seljalandsfoss is quite a interesting waterfall, as you can walk behind it, but you need to be abit creative if you dont want to have tourists in your shots (either go way early or really late, both were not possible for us). However, i really like the composition of it as it has a jungle look to it. Finally we toured al the way to Reykjavik. In Reykjavik we rented a room in a guesthouse, it was abit cheaper, but more importantly, it has a kitchen :)
After paying the rent to our landlord (Math teacher, funny guy), and fixing the internet in our room, we went shopping at the Kringlan shopping centre. Wow, huge! Well, modern, and  people from our age (so far we only met some weird hitchhikers mostly arround our age, serious discovery channel or phototography guys or just abit older folks in big landcrusers). We had some pre-dinner at a Indian vegi restaurant and bought the rest to make dinner for today and tomorrow at home. Time to sleep, because tomorrow is the Golden day of Iceland

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