Thursday, July 17, 2014

Iceland 2014 tour start

Hi All

I will be using this blog more extensively from now on :)

I begin with VLOGS of our iceland tour (29-06 till 08-07 2014). Me and John visited Iceland and we drove in a nice 4x4 all across Iceland starting up North. These personal vlogs will show you most of the places we visited. Besides this "personal phone cam", we took some pro photo and video gear with us as well. I will select 10 best photo's of each day and by the end of the VLOGS i will present one 10minute video of Iceland we shot with Nikon Dslrs and a Steadycam . We took that stuff really on rough terrain as well (glaciers, high up on volcanos), so i cannot wait to start working on it:)
Stay tuned.
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Iceland, here we come

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