Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ultimate80s Show 15! Tracklist+Download

Hi all,

So, show 15. A show with a combination of various genres from the 80s. I think you 80s superfreaks will surely find their match in the more unknown area's with Beatnik Beatch, V capri, Cube and fireTown. You 80s pop guy's will love Roachford, Dan Hartman and Endgames. While you swinging bad boys swing to the beat with the Red Rockers and The Romantics. This show is cool, fun and together with Dr. Nash has a nice mood the whole hour. Enjoy!

01 Dan Hartman - Keep The Fire Burnin'
02 Red Rockers - China
03 Gloria Estefan - Bad Boy
04 V Capri - Love is such a lonely song
05 Endgames - Desire (Extended version)
06 Beatnik Beatch - Watching The Rain
07 Fotonovela - Fotonovela
08 The Romantics - Talking in your sleep
09 One to One - Hold Me Now
10 Cube - Love and Protect
11 Fire Town - Secret Heart
12 Roachford - Cuddly Toy

And the player:
Uradio Ultimate80s Show15 Live (23-06-2010) by UltimateBart

Have fun!

Ultimate Bart

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